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Why do creepypastas cause the internet to go crazy? The internet’s voracious thirst for terrifying stories is a phenomenon all its own, yet memes of all types spread like wildfire. There are entire subreddits dedicated to creepypastas, those eerie tales that circulate on message boards and social media and are frequently of unknown provenance. Even mainstream culture, including TV series (“Channel Zero”) and movies, has been affected by them (“Slender Man”). The notion escaped into meatspace in the case of Slender Man, who is essentially universally acknowledged as the ruler of the creepypasta bestiary. This led to a terrible murder (via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

Few people will be unhappy to see Slender Man removed given his sinister repercussions on the planet, which may have already occurred. Undoubtedly a disturbing invention, a new creature that is making its way around the internet has been dubbed “the next Slender Man” by a number of commentators. They refer to it as “Siren Head,” and if you ever come across it, we humbly advise you to flee.

With sirens in lieu of its head, Siren Head, a 40-foot-tall beast formed of rotting flesh, first appeared online in August 2018 thanks to a post by renowned creepy monster creator Trevor Henderson (also responsible for such creations as “Cartoon Cat” and “Long Horse”). Since then, it has appeared in countless TikToks, YouTube videos, and indie video games. Let’s take a look at the creature’s mythology.


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Siren Head was mentioned in just enough detail in Henderson’s initial Twitter post on the creature to pique the internet’s voracious thirst for the unsettling: The creature was standing in a graveyard when a woman in a car passed by. She initially believed it to be a piece of art, but when it started to come to life and start moving in her direction, she realized she had been mistaken.

Henderson has continued to develop Siren Head’s story since publishing the initial post: The creature is a tangible representation of a metaphysical entity rather than an animal. Although it lacks eyes, it is able to see, and despite never eating, its sirens are equipped with mouths full of razor-sharp fangs that are used to shred human flesh from the bone. It uses sirens and other sounds to communicate, and it can even record and replay sounds to pursue its prey. It can also pass for a telephone pole or a streetlight to blend in with its surroundings (via The Infographics Show).

All that was enough to capture the internet’s imagination. It took Siren Head a couple of years, but as of 2020, it had exploded in popularity, with other creators filling in the details as needed. Thanks to TikToker Alex Howard, we have video “evidence” of the thing, and thanks to game studios like Undreamed Panic (via PC Gamer) and Modus Interactive (via Know Your Meme), we have games where you can flee from the monster in full polygonal 3D. Sleep well tonight.

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