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If you have a kid or know someone who has a kid, they will be in love with this Siren Head Plush! It’s hand-stitched and made with soft pink fur and beautiful lace details. With the pleasant colors and “friendly” face, this will definitely be on their favorite list!

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Why you love Siren Head Plush

  • This Siren Head Plush toy is made of soft and huggable materials. It’s sewn to perfection, and very easy to use. Its shape is perfect for both bedrooms and lounges, as well as any other space where you want a good night’s sleep.
  • This adorable soft and cuddly toy is sure to give you company anywhere you go. The plush fabric hugs your arms and gives you the most comfortable experience. You can also lay it on top of any spot of your choice when you’re feeling bored or lonely.
  • This versatile toy is perfect for a variety of applications. It can be a pillow, cushion, and lumbar support and a decoration on the back of your chair, sofas and car seats. Fun and convenience are just minutes away!
  • This plush is a perfect gift to give at birthday parties, Christmas, or any festival. It can also be used in any room style to add in some more scenery.

Happy Customers

rv1 - Siren Head Plush


Very good quality and well done. My son very happy with the plush

rv2 - Siren Head Plush


It is much bigger than I thought it be, so I’m very happy with that. Stitches are coming apart already, but this was for a 4-5 year old boy, so its understandable

rv3 - Siren Head Plush


My 4 year old has been abusing this plush doll for a few weeks and so far so good

rv4 - Siren Head Plush


Everything is super. The quality is excellent. The kids are happy

Welcome to Official Siren Head Plush Store


We are proud to be the official store selling variety of style of Siren Head Plush.

In 2018, a Canadian artist and designer named Trevor Henderson created the original illustration known as Siren Head, in recognition of a now very well-known creepypasta known as Slender Man. The first drawing of Siren Head to ever exist was actually an image that featured her standing still at a graveyard somewhere. After posting her drawing on the internet, Henderson began expanding on the story of this mythical creature.

The Siren Head is 50 feet tall with a thin body. Most of the skin is shriveled and dried, but it also has mummified flesh and is rusty in color. His limbs are disproportionately long, his arms are longer than his legs and he has a huge number of thin hands at the ends of his arms. The siren head’s head position is replaced by a long skinny meat rod with two police sirens on the end.

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